The Taube Center provides lectures and coordinates speakers to address historical, political, cultural, social, economic and religious issues in Polish and English for all age groups.  Among the topics offered:

  • Jews and Poles I:  Jews and Jewish Life in Poland until the 20th Century
  • Jews and Poles II: Jews and Jewish Life in Poland between 1900 and World War II
  • Jews and Poles III:  The Shoah in Poland
  • Jews and Poles IV: Living in the Land of Ashes: Jewish Life in Communist Poland until 1968
  • Jews and Poles V:  Children of “Marranos”: Jews in Communist Poland after 1968
  • Jews and Poles VI:  Jews in Contemporary Poland
  • Tradition and Faith:  Jewish Communal Life in Poland Past and Present
  • Jewish Peoplehood: Polish Jewish Perspectives on Multi-Faceted Jewish Identities
  • New Expressions of Contemporary Polish Jewish Art, Theater and Music
  • Contemporary Jewish Life in Poland:  Post-Revival and Beyond

Fees for lectures are available upon request.