The Taube Center provides lectures and coordinates speakers to address historical, political, cultural, social, economic and religious issues in English and in Polish for groups of all ages.  Among the topics offered:

  • Jews and Poles I:  Jews and Jewish Life in Poland until the 20th Century
  • Jews and Poles II: Jews and Jewish Life in Poland between 1900 and World War II
  • Jews and Poles III:  The Shoah in Poland
  • Jews and Poles IV: Living in the Land of Ashes: Jewish Life in Communist Poland until 1968
  • Jews and Poles V:  Children of “Marranos”: Jews in Communist Poland after 1968
  • Jews and Poles VI:  Jews in Contemporary Poland
  • Tradition and Faith:  Jewish Communal Life in Poland Past and Present
  • Jewish Peoplehood: Polish Jewish Perspectives on Multi-Faceted Jewish Identities
  • New Expressions of Contemporary Polish Jewish Art, Theater and Music
  • Contemporary Jewish Life in Poland:  Post-Revival and Beyond

Fees for lectures are available upon request.