Governing Board

Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Board Chair.Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Board Chair. Rabbi Schudrich the Chief Rabbi of Poland, has a long and rich history of involvement in the Jewish communities of both Eastern Europe and Asia. As a student in the 1970s, Rabbi Schudrich began his travels to Eastern Europe, leading Jewish groups and meeting with members of what remained of the Jewish communities in the former Eastern bloc. After receiving rabbinic ordination, he served as rabbi of Japan’s Jewish community from 1983-1989. In 1992, he returned to Warsaw and in June 2000 became the Rabbi of Warsaw and Lodz. In December 2004, he was appointed to the position of Chief Rabbi of Poland. Rabbi Schudrich serves Poland’s growing number of Jewish communities and as an official interlocutor between the Polish government and the Catholic Church.


Janusz Makuch, Vice Chair.Janusz Makuch, Vice Chair. Mr. Makuch is the director of the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, now the largest Jewish festival in Europe. At its inception in 1988, the Festival had a modest schedule but an enormous symbolic significance: the celebration of a culture that had been sentenced to oblivion in Communist Poland. In 1995, the organizers and friends of the Festival formed an Association with Janusz Makuch as its chairman. In September 2003, he received an honorary certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in recognition of his services in the promotion of Poland abroad.


Dr. Eleonora Bergman, Board Member.Dr. Eleonora Bergman, Board Member. Dr. Bergman is the former director of the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, the world’s leading institution dealing with Polish Jewish history. She holds a Ph.D. from the Warsaw University Institute of History and has worked extensively to help document and restore Jewish cemeteries, sites and monuments in Poland. Dr. Bergman is a historian of architecture specializing in Polish synagogues. She has collaborated with and advised, among others, the World Monuments Fund, the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad, Yad Vashem and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. In addition, she has served as a member of the international planning team for the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, and is a member of a team of international experts on the management of Auschwitz-Birkenau as a World Heritage Site. Dr. Bergman is the author and co-author of five books and numerous articles on Jewish heritage in Poland.