Community Research Project

Educational Program Community Research Project

The Taube Center's Community Research Project (CRP) will introduce participants in the Center's Mi Dor Le Dor program and the Taube Jewish Heritage Tour program, to research in Polish Jewish history. The Taube Center offers access to the vast collections of its host organization, the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute, the Jewish Genealogy & Family Heritage Center and the Center's partner organizations involved in Polish Jewish heritage preservation. Through these extensive resources, participants gain an understanding of and experience with the material legacy of Poland's Jewish heritage. The Community Research Project teaches students about archival collections, how to conduct research using primary resources and the internet, how to access data and correlate documentation, how to conduct oral histories and trace historical events. These skills expand the participant's scope of knowledge and expertise, enabling Mi Dor Le Dor fellows to create new resources for the Taube Center's educational and cultural programs and to assist as facilitators and guides in the Taube Jewish Heritage Tour program.